Oct 31, 2012

Mathru Blind School, Yelahanka, Bangalore

 One of the class rooms.

 The Music area.
 One of the lobbies and use of Jalis

  Play and learn aids.
Part of the facade

School for Blind was an exciting project . We designed project to be darker than what would lighting be
for a space for visually able. Openings in certain parts of the building were so designed that through
the movement of air would one feel the direction. This was a pro-bono work for our office .We had to
also interact with the local residents to allow for the construction to happen . We sourced windows
free of cost by requesting the owner of a home we were designing to donate the old windows of her
demolished former residence. This way it was not a simple architectural project. Brick Jalis were used in other areas.

 In 2011 few more play and learn additions were done by Biome in association with KILIKILI (www.kilikili.org) to further make the spaces intense. The play and learn designs were designed and executed by our artist colleague Sanjay Singh along with interns of Biome.Year of completion 2006

Architects- Biome
Design team- Anne Rupprecht and Chitra Vishwanath
Consultants- Biome
Contractors- Somasekaran
Site Area- Community Amenities plot of undefined area which essentially was leftover area
between apartments.
Built Area-6000 sft
Photograph Credits- Dr.Vivek.M.

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