Nov 16, 2012

Soil Biotechnology for waste water treatment at Govardhan Eco Village, Wada

The settling tank where the water comes in first


                                                         The treatment system

The treated water in the collection tanks

The Pictures above are of the sewage treatment plant at govardhan ecovillage in Mumbai. This is a treatment plant which has plants growing out of the nutrients in it, literally!!

Central Sewage treatment Plant based on SOIL BIOTECHNOLOGY (SBT) system (Developed and Patented by IIT Bombay) is installed at the Govardhan Eco Village  for processing of sewage.

SBT system deploys combination of physical and biological process for processing of wastewater and it derives its fundamental principle from the functioning of terrestrial ecosystem.

The physical separation is accomplished in primary treatment unit consisting of Equalization tank, Perforated screen and gravity settling tank.

The Secondary treatment is combination of physico-chemical and biological processes in an engineered ecosystem.

In this unit waste water is processed in an ecosystem consisting of soil, bacterial culture and geophagus earthworm, mineral additives and select plants. Formulated natural mineral additives and biological
cultures are also included in the process in order to renovate the wastewater to the desired quality.

The process by design integrates with the natural bio-geochemical cycles of nature. Water quality up gradation for different end use applications can be achieved via suitable process design. SBT
system consists of an impervious containment and incorporates soil, formulated granular filter media, select culture of macro organisms such as earthworms and plants. Arrangement for external addition of formulated additive is provided in the design. Purification takes place by adsorption, filtration and biological reaction. The process operates in aerobic mode; thus eliminating possibility of foul odour.The processed water can be reused in gardening, agriculture and support marine life.

This system has been designed and built by Lifelink ( and the text has also been provided by them.

Credits for the Govardhan Ecovillage project-

Design team- Sharath Nayak, Anshu Ahuja, Maitri Dore, Chitra Vishwanath, Archana Narendran
Consultants- Ravindranath B.V(Structural), Professor Yogananda(Structural), McD BERL(PHE), S.V.Nagesh(Electrical)
Site Area- 63 acres.
Built Area-60 ,000 sft
Photograph Credits- Hemali Kapadia


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